the plate to paddock team

“Each one of us should lead a life stirring enough to start a movement” – Max Lucado

I am a great believer in that we always stand on the shoulders of others. There have been many inspirational people that have been part of this project to get it where it is now and we are constantly learning. The current Plate to Paddock team are keen waste warriors, passionately living out their commitment to the cause.


Earthy. Optimistic. Vivacious.

Born a do-er, Elisabeth is constantly driven to bring about and nurture the best things in life. The Good Dirt embodies her practical, passionate and grass-roots approach to live life to its fullest.

Elisabeth’s objective is to build on the best foundation possible. As healthy plants need healthy soil, so healthy humans need healthy environments to grow and flourish.

With academic qualifications spanning sustainable development, soil health, and education, she runs a private consulting company, husbands several thousand animals, and ‘digs’ dirt. She loves the natural environment, good food, hard work, healthy soil, and most other things living (sometimes including people).


Realistic. Numerate. Literate.

John is constantly driven to bring about and nurture the best things in Elisabeth. A great believer and encourager, he stands strongly so that Elisabeth can stand on his shoulders. Together they make a formidable team – living life to its fullest.

Having extensive industry and business experience, John contributes to the economic and logistic feasibility of Elisabeth’s ideas. He adds to that a touch of realism and practicality.

John also brings the rich dimension of culture and sophistication. A lover of good music and good literature, there is always a rich vein of deep insights springing forth or an environment which transports the soul to a higher level. 

A true renaissance man.


Ropeta is coordinating the Sustainability Challenge. When this is run again, she will be contacting councils and food businesses; and will run the competition. Keen and enthusiastic, she is a great motivator and will inspire you to perform your best.


Monique is the wheels driving the program forward. She is the bright spark that makes things happen.

Positive, well-organised, efficient, she is ensuring our team and yours reach full potential. Coming from a background with previous waste experience, she has great ideas of how things can work better.