An Update

Wow – we are now well into 2022! Did 2021 actually happen?

During 2021 Plate to Paddock’s organic collections and farm enterprise were severely curtailed. We reduced our livestock considerably and consolidated what we were doing.

We’re incredibly thankful for those who continued to support the venture through organic waste pick-ups and egg subscriptions! You have been a tremendous encouragement.

We have used this time to refocus and understand what works – and what doesn’t. We’ve learned an awful lot! And we really look forward to continuing the awesome work which has begun.  

Going forward

Plate to Paddock (and Cup to Crop) have resumed organic waste collections – with some variations. Those who are having their organic waste collected will have been notified about these already.

We are currently extending the service and have just started wastepaper towel collections with several early learning centres / preschools. As paper towels are ‘end-of-life’ (fibres too short for recycling into paper again), we are upcycling them into a high-grade product. We are looking forward to the engagement with the community this opportunity presents to help further the circular economy and encourage closing of the organic nutrient loop.

The farm enterprise will be operated separately as will the soil health and sustainability element. More on this in future updates.