By now, most of us are aware that waste is an underutilised resource.
We’ve gone through all the ‘R’s imaginable (re-use, re-cycle, re-cover…).
We’re even going around in circles to get the point across (circular-…).

So why is everyone still banging on about it?

Is it because people still just don’t care?
Maybe many don’t know what to do or where to start.
Or they could think that 
waste will always be a reality, so what’s the point?

If we could place people along a sustainability continuum, there would be two extremes: the idealist – ethical campaigners impassioned to save the planet from inevitable and catastrophic destruction; and the mercenary – hard-headed, cold-hearted nihilists just striving to get their own snouts in the trough; large sums of government funding fuelled by the populace’s concern for environmental degradation.

Those in the middle are perhaps the realists who acknowledge that something needs to be done, sometimes not knowing exactly what that ‘something’ is, and those who’ve got their head in the sand… or playing in the sandpit oblivious to the world outside.

The Plate to Paddock project is our attempt to make a difference – regardless of the root cause – and to get people moving to enact change in any way they can. We also want to provide useful information that will hopefully empower people to make thoughtful decisions that have effective and lasting benefits.

Our aim is to be a good news story.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash