taking the hot air out

Making sustainability a reality
“Alone we achieve little, together we can achieve so much” – Helen Keller

Source separation is THE most economical and environmentally responsible way to divert food waste.
Once separated, there are many options:

Value Adding
Soil Enhancer
Land Application
Anaerobic Digestion

But which method is the best?

Well, there is much regulation and legislation governing all of these methods, and most of the time it is an ‘all depends’ response. Based on type and volume of waste, location, and other factors such as proximity to other facilities and processes that could utilise your resource. What you really need to know is how much hot air is being made – either by the sales-person of a piece of technology, or a landfill.

But the waste hierarchy is pretty clear. The lower order priorities emit more greenhouse gases or use more energy for transport and further processing.

If still fit for human consumption, it should be in some form – even if it needs to be value-added. 

The next best option if no longer fit for human consumption is to go straight to animals if allowed. 

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