Farming Better Businesses


Well, we’re completing that cycle.

We’re inspiring people to manage their food waste better.

…because the future of the food sector is circular, smarter, healthier, and beneficial for all.

We’re not only closing the loop for nutrients. We are aiming to go beyond simply sustainable by nurturing practices that are regenerative, holistic, and beneficial for all.  

We work with businesses to avoid and minimise waste from the outset. Where there is surplus or leftover food, rather than it being sent to landfill, we assist with it being managed on site, redirected to charities and farms, or processed into high-grade soil amendments.

redirected to charities

connected to farms for animal feed

managed on site

processed into high-grade soil amendments


“Thank you for inviting us to join the challenge! It has been a pleasure to collaborate with people who truly care about the environment and our community on the Central Coast. We have thoroughly enjoyed thinking up more ways we can be more mindful with our waste, how we can connect more with our community and how we can stay motivated and inspired to make more change. The challenge gave us a big boost of enthusiasm, information and support, we are excited to continue our sustainability journey. Loved the compost workshop too! Thanks team!!”

Melissa Morgan. Like Minds Cafe

“After doing the food waste audit for the last 4 weeks we have noticed that our biggest food wastage days are Saturday and Monday… as a result we have made less food, more to order and that has helped significantly. It’s been a hoot! I’ve really enjoyed learning all these things. I was so naïve and so are so many people I talk to. So well done!”

Lydia Tate. The Good Bits Co

“Loved this challenge. It just brought awareness to staff and to us. With awareness came huge savings – bin waste being one of the greatest $$$ savings. Our waste bin invoice has dropped by half.”

Larenda. Avoca Sands Cafe

Thank you for the wonderful visit to your farm to feed the chickens the food waste from our centre. It was great for the children to have the hands on experience that helps them to have an understanding of the whole cycle of where our food waste is going. Being part of the plate to paddock program is such a positive and easy way for our childcare centre to be more sustainable by reducing our waste footprint.

Melissa Farrant. Footprints Early Learning Centre – Director

Winner of two Keep Australia Beautiful Awards (2020):

Circular Economy

Sustainable Projects